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10 Tips for Potential Tiny House Dwellers

Ryan shares some of the thinking behind his tiny house design process. “When we began designing La Casita we knew we needed to think seriously about space management. I remember wishing there were more blogs dedicated to advice on designing and living in a tiny house, not just constructing one. Now I’m living the tiny […]

The Updated Layout – Fat & Crunchy Tiny House

Peter has posted interior drawings of their tiny house. “Here is the general floor plan with the loft transparent.The Left side of this picture is the front of the trailer. The big open room is going to be the “master” bedroom”. It actually sits on top of the gooseneck as you see in the next […]

Update & Images Of The ‘Bedroom House’ at Humble Homes

The folks at Humble Homes have posted some great looking photorealistic images of their latest design. “Given that our floor plans for a downstairs bedroom were generally well received, we’ve gone ahead and produced some images to give you a better idea of the home!” See all the images: Update & Images Of The ‘Bedroom House’! […]

Shipping Container Cabin Concept – Part 2

Building on the last shipping container concept it seemed logical to add another 20-foot shipping to see how much more space that could really provide. Continue reading about this Shipping Container Cabin Concept.

10 Square – Design Competition

If you like a design challenge you may want to enter this tiny house design competition. 10 Square – Design Competition

Craig’s Tiny House Blog

A great new tiny house blog with some great tiny house designs from Craig. Pictured here is a teardrop inspired trailer design. Craig’s Tiny House Blog

Octagonal Tiny House by Salman

I got a note from a fellow named Salman the other day. He’s been exploring some extreme tiny house design and came up with this clever octagonal house design. It’s nice to see some out of the box thinking and design. Octagonal Tiny House by Salman

Winner of 2009 Shed Design Competition

The Open Office, designed by Kenny, won the 2009 shed design competition at Secrets of Shed Building. One of the key features of this garden office is a set of sliding wood panels mounted to a rail system on the exterior of the building. They serve to block sunlight as well as provide privacy when […]

Shed Design Competition Heating Up

This design competition ends October 31st… and I thought I had missed the entry deadline. It looks like the competition is steep so I better pull some of my most creative ideas out if I’m going to have a chance at winning. You can enter too… the more the merrier. Read more at Shedworking. Shed […]

Shed Design Competition

Secrets of Shed Building is having a garden shed/office/studio design competition. The entry deadline is midnight GMT on October 31, 2009. The winner takes home an Apple iPod nano. For those of you not entering it should still be interesting to see the designs that come out from the tiny house and shedworking community. Secrets […]

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