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Micro Monolithic Domes Featured on Good Morning Texas

Good Morning Texas featured David South and his Monolithic Dome Rental Units. These affordable rental units are being built all over the country to help meet the great need for affordable housing.” – Monolithic Domes on YouTube. via: Monolithic Domes on YouTube. Learn more on the Monolithic Domes website. Below are some screenshots from the video above.

The Konbit Shelter Project – Super-Adobe Earthbag Dome Home

In 2010 Konbit Shelter, with residents of the village of Cormiers, began building a three room Super-Adobe community center… Construction began in June 2010 and completed in January 2012″ – The Konbit Shelter Project Learn more about The Konbit Shelter Project

Cheap & Efficient Straw Bale Dome Home

…this is a fun project and if it will survive the winter, then we will start working on a bigger and better house. Overall this is really a cheap, easy to build and efficient house type.” – Jetijs See and read more about this Green, cheap and efficient straw bale dome home

Would You Consider the Geodesic Dome Home Option?

Once your dome package arrives, you can be living on a piece of land in less than a week’s time. Not only do you have an immediate eco living dome, but your savings are immediate… Completely freestanding, there are no internal supports to obstruct your view. And with windows, skylights, and doors artistically and/or strategically […]

Tiny Dome in Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua, Texas is a remote part of southwest Texas near the Mexican border. Pictured here is a tiny dome structure currently under construction. The blog that is recording the construction story is also filled with interesting ways of adapting to such an extreme desert region and living very close to the edge. Tiny Dome in […]

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