Micro Monolithic Domes Featured on Good Morning Texas

Good Morning Texas featured David South and his Monolithic Dome Rental Units. These affordable rental units are being built all over the country to help meet the great need for affordable housing.” – Monolithic Domes on YouTube.

via: Monolithic Domes on YouTube. Learn more on the Monolithic Domes website. Below are some screenshots from the video above.

2 thoughts on “Micro Monolithic Domes Featured on Good Morning Texas”

  1. Love it! Very Flintstones! OMG, I’m totally going to buy one now and design it to look FLINTSTONES!!!!

  2. I’m with you, Katheryne! I guess we’ll have to go and see what they cost…maybe a few pebbles? Lol! Really, though, I love the concept as long as it is affordable to build as it looks like it would be.

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