Preparing Your Family For Unforeseen Emergencies

No matter what name you give it, it is something we feel is important for every family. With weather raging out of control and catastrophic emergencies happening in places we never thought possible (here and here, for example) these type of kits should be “on the ready”, packed and prepared for all kinds of emergencies including natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes, to technological chaos like blackouts, to a host of other things (excluding Zombie-invasions in which case you should just call Norman Reedus).
An emergency bag like each of our family members has is meant to carry the essential for 72-hour survival.”

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Simple Panelized Shelter

Some recent news about the Sacramento Police rousting a group of homeless folks from their temporary tent town got me a bit riled up last week. Being someone who likes to take proactive measures when trouble brews I set to work on publishing a simple panelized structure that could be built as temporary housing for all sorts of needs including homelessness.

In addition to working on the house for Khayelitsha I’m working to revise the plans of this smaller shelter so that the walls, floor and roof will also be made up of individual 4′ by 8′ panels. This size is ideal for transporting in a pickup truck with the main draw back being that it uses a bit more lumber to construct. Keep you eye on Tiny House Design this week for the revised plan.

Simple Panelized Shelter