Simple Panelized Shelter

Some recent news about the Sacramento Police rousting a group of homeless folks from their temporary tent town got me a bit riled up last week. Being someone who likes to take proactive measures when trouble brews I set to work on publishing a simple panelized structure that could be built as temporary housing for all sorts of needs including homelessness.

In addition to working on the house for Khayelitsha I’m working to revise the plans of this smaller shelter so that the walls, floor and roof will also be made up of individual 4′ by 8′ panels. This size is ideal for transporting in a pickup truck with the main draw back being that it uses a bit more lumber to construct. Keep you eye on Tiny House Design this week for the revised plan.

Simple Panelized Shelter

6 thoughts on “Simple Panelized Shelter”

  1. Dear Mike,
    I’ve been able to peruse your wonderful collection of sites a little more thoroughly, and I must say, I now put you in a similar exalted category with my friend Lloyd Kahn, author of the book Shelter and several follow-up books of extraordinary usefulness and beauty.

    Your work will help many people live more fulfilled lives in this dreary economy, and I thank you for managing to keep your heart in the right place. I would think your family must be extremely proud of you. Thanks again for sharing with the rest of us in such a usable way. Best regards from the equally hot Bakersfield…
    David Zent

    1. David,

      Thanks for the very kind words. It’s nice to hear that people notice and appreciate my work.

      I hope I’m part of a growing number of people that feel that altruism actually pays off bigger than greed. 🙂


  2. Michael:

    Thanks for your wonderful work. I am eagerly awaiting details/plans for the completion of the 8 x 8 Simple Panelized Shelter. In particular, details of exactly how you plan to bolt the panels together. Are the roof panels bolted to the walls? How? I have the foundation, floor joists and floor already and need the additional details to complete. Thanks for your inspiration,
    and Be Well.

    Frank in Sarasota

    1. WOW. sounds like you’re ready to roll. I’ll try to get the details of the 8×8 done tonight. Now that I have the 16×16 pretty much ready to roll the 8×8 should be much easier.

      Yes… the whole thing gets bolted together. The individual panels would be glued and nailed/screwed together, lifted into place and bolted. I’ll include a couple ways of doing this from adding a surface plate (plywood) to the seam to leaving the the interior paneling off until the walls are up. This second way would hide the bolts inside the walls but would require some final wall assembly after the walls are up. The other two ways I’m noodling through for connecting the panels are staggering the siding so that they slide together and using a connector piece of lumber between the panels.

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