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Desert Shelter by Victor Sidy

This is one of the structures designed & built by residents at Taliesin West. Live/ Work Shelter in the Arizona Desert. New steel and polycarbonate structure is superimposed upon the ‘artifact’ of concrete and stone, creating a dialouge between historic and contemporary forms. A grassy lawn cantilevers over a dry wash, further intensifying the contrast […]

Modular Shelter That Can Be Assembled by 2 People in under 30 Minutes

Be sure to watch the assembly video. Compassion Shelter’s Cabin is a sturdy, weather- and disaster-tested shelter unit that is perfect for any environment. The Cabin is a comfortable, insulated building that includes air conditioning and heating. Natural lighting is provided by two windows. Inside, the cabin has enough room to fit 6 bunks. The […]

Modern Winter Shelter in Bjelašnica, Bosnia

Modern Winter Shelter in Bjelašnica, Bosnia Herzegovina by FO4A.” – nonconcept.net via Modern Winter Shelter in Bjelašnica, Bosnia

Student Created Shelter in Sandhornoy, Norway

Shelter in Sandhornoy, Norway. Created by students for the SALT-festival.” – Cabin Porn™ via Cabin Porn™ – Shelter in Sandhornoy, Norway.  Photo by by Marthe Vaagland.

Tiny Houses are Not a New Idea – Here’s an Ancient Shepherd Shelter in Italy

Ancient shepherd shelter in Val Brembana, Bergamo, Italy. ” – CabinPorn.com via Ancient shepherd shelter in Val Brembana, Bergamo. Photo by Carlo Catellani.

215 Square Foot Off-Grid Concrete Solar Shelter

We realize this is not a house; but wouldn’t this 215 square foot concrete shell make a cool solar tiny house? See more at LJB.no and ArchDaily. The main structure has the shape of a tilted cube and this creates a covered entrance for the services and at the same time offers a perfect south exposition […]

Got Rocks? Build a Tiny House

A toue (shepherd’s shelter) in the Pyrénées.” – Cabin Porn via A toue (shepherd’s shelter) in the Pyrénées

Not All Earthships Are Tiny, but Yours Could Be

Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both Energy Effecent and Awesome to live in. They offer amenities like no other building style you have come across. For the reasons that follow, I believe Earthships can actually change the world. See for yourself!” – Off Grid World Continue reading at Off Grid World

Flat-Packed Emergency Shelter

Arriving flat-packed, the Shelter can be assembled quickly and has the potential to make a significant difference when applied to a range of medium to long-term housing solutions, it could also provide immediate solutions to industry as it moves to frontier locations. Most importantly, by providing refuge and security for families and communities in crisis, […]

Reinventing the Mud Hut

It’s not often that a project requires you to bulk up on your haggling skills. Then again, it’s not often that a project requires you to re-invent the African Mud Hut either. But that was exactly the task presented to Karolina and Wayne Switzer, participants of the Nka Foundation’s “10×10 Shelter Challenge” to design and build […]

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