Tropical Sustainable Farmette

Tropical sustainable farmette, currently nearing completion. The cabin sets in the Biospharms community in Belize where each independent farm enjoys the tranquility of private roads, secure community gates, nature trails, swimming lagoons, playgrounds and a community Palapa just to name a few. Invest now and finish this tropical cabin to suit your dreams. Come see why Belize is rated the number one retirement and new family destination of the world.
We have discovered at Biospharms in Belize that life is meant to be lived in community. Not working 2 or 3 jobs per family just to make ends meet. Living off the grid is fun and easy and growing your own organic food is healthiest. Say goodbye to all types of forced insurances and high taxes. Live free the way God created us to live.

Family Living in Tiny house Full Time

This family moves into their tiny house.

“Currently we our living in the house full time. It is amazing! I love it so much! I cant believe the difference in my life now. I for one have so much more time. It is so relaxing. I am amazed how great everything has worked out! Nothing has failed. I dont feel so crowed or cramped. I do think I need to downsize more of my clothes.”

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The Hardest Thing About Living Tiny by Tiny House Family

A mother shares the tough side tiny house living with a family of four.

“The hardest thing about living in a tiny house is answering that question.

It’s hard for many reasons, but for everything I come up with, I find the positive side. I’m grateful for the difficulties because they keep us growing as individuals and as a family.”

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Tiny House Family – CNN iReport

An update from this Tiny House Family.

“We are a family of four (plus one large dog and one cat) living in 168 sq. ft., plus sleeping lofts. The tiny house is our first structure on our small, mortgage-free homestead. In order to move onto our land and live rent and mortgage-free as soon as possible, we decided to build a tiny house. The solution was a good one. We have lived in our tiny house full-time since May of 2011 and can report that our lives have been deeply enriched by this lifestyle.”

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Tiny Adventure: Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

As this family prepares for the big move to Alaska the challenge of downsizing hits hard.

I have for the last several days been attempting to down size all the things that I have. I downsized the kitchen in 20 minutes. It was so quick. Maybe it’s because cooking and I will be forever enemies.  Soon it was time to start my clothes closet. Should be simple right? Four hours later and my room is still a huge mess!

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