Minim House is Now Available

The first Minim House was commissioned by Brian Levy in 2013. He worked closely with Foundry Architects to design the structure, and David Bamford at Element Design+Build to build it.

The house has won 3 AIA design awards and has been featured on multiple television shows and all over the Internet. The design was incredibly popular.

About 60 sets of plans have shipped around the world, and builds are underway in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and across the U.S. But many more people asked to buy completed houses – so Minim Homes partnered with Minim Built to deliver finished houses to customers.

Today there are 3 of us that are working together to bring you the best microhouses around.

Pictured here is the prototype house. The manufactured version of the Minim House is a further refined version of the original. You cab buy the new Minim on a trailer or ready to be placed on a permanent foundation built structure. It is 24-feet long and has 265 square feetĀ of usable interior space. It’s wider than a normal tiny house – 12’6″ wide – so not intended to be move regularly.

To learn more, visit the Minim House website.