Reciprocal Roof Framing Complete on Shae’s Earthbag Tiny House Bedroom

The framing is complete on Shae’s heart-shaped earthbag Tiny House (bedroom). She designed it using the Minecraft video game. It’s heart-shaped so a reciprocal roof was a natural fit – and it’s exactly what she wanted. In this family, as you get older, you get to build your own tiny house bedroom.

Shea is the youngest so she had the advantage of helping build her older siblings tiny house bedrooms. Each week they post progress videos. Be sure to follow the My Little Homestead YouTube Channel and don’t miss an update!

Shannon is Building The Pioneer Cabin

Shannon is building the Pioneer’s Cabin, a 16’x20′ cabin I designed. His house is located on 14.5 acres just north of Birmingham, AL and will be used by his family part time. It will be most likely fully off-grid with power from solar panels and/or a generator.

He’ll be using live edge siding and pine logs for front porch posts and balusters. As he builds we’ll be following along. So far he’s built the foundation and deck platform but has also begun collecting and working the wood for the siding, porch posts, and balusters.

Above: Most recent progress photo. Below: Logs cut for live edge siding.


Above: Pine logs being peeled for porch posts. Below: The pine logs for balusters and posts.


You can find the plans for the Pioneer’s Cabin at Tiny House Design.

Update: Shannon will be harvesting barn wood for his cabin, and has scored some good reclaimed roofing.

Window Door Headers at The Rich Life

More construction photos from the tiny house project at The Rich Life.

“At the behest of commenters, I decided to consult my good friend Allen J. about the necessity for heavier duty headers over my window and door openings.  With his sage wisdom, I decided to add some extra support to the openings on the house.”

See the photos at Window Door Headers | The Rich Life.

An Update on Randall’s Tiny House

See construction progress of Randall’s tiny house, designed by Humble Homes.

“Randall Bozelle has been hard at it as usual, and he’s also (very kindly) sent us some pictures of his work so we can share it with you! His tiny house is really starting to take shape with the windows installed and walls sheathed.”

See all the photos of the Update: Randall’s Tiny House.

Wall Construction Begins at The Rich Life

Catch a tiny house construction story early in the process.

“I don’t quite know how I’m going to erect the walls once I’m ready to put them up, but I’ve started building them nonetheless.  Jess and I made some final decisions about the size of the bathroom, so I adjusted the SketchUp file accordingly.  I then went out and pre-cut all the lumber, to be ready to be assembled the next day.”

via 4 Walls Build | The Rich Life.

Tiny House Floor is Done

Casey posted an update on his tiny house project. Catch this project in the early stages.

“OMG!  The floor is done!  The last time I showed you pictures of the Tiny House, I had only recently finished drilling holes through steel.  Now though, I am happy to say that I’m done with what will probably end up being justified as some of the hardest work on the Tiny House.”

via Our Tiny House Floor Is Done | The Rich Life.