Shannon is Building The Pioneer Cabin

Shannon is building the Pioneer’s Cabin, a 16’x20′ cabin I designed. His house is located on 14.5 acres just north of Birmingham, AL and will be used by his family part time. It will be most likely fully off-grid with power from solar panels and/or a generator.

He’ll be using live edge siding and pine logs for front porch posts and balusters. As he builds we’ll be following along. So far he’s built the foundation and deck platform but has also begun collecting and working the wood for the siding, porch posts, and balusters.

Shannon's Pioneer's Cabin - Deck Complete

Above: Most recent progress photo. Below: Logs cut for live edge siding.


Shannon's Pioneer's Cabin - Live Edge Siding Logs

Shannon's Pioneer's Cabin - Peeling Logs

Above: Pine logs being peeled for porch posts. Below: The pine logs for balusters and posts.


Shannon's Pioneer's Cabin - Balusters

You can find the plans for the Pioneer’s Cabin at Tiny House Design.


Update: Shannon will be harvesting barn wood for his cabin, and has scored some good reclaimed roofing.

Shannon's Pioneer's Cabin Roofing and Barn Wood

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