Halley’s House – A Tiny House Move Story

No drama or disasters here, just the tale of a tiny house move. While tiny homes are often built on wheels, they are not as well suited for towing as a travel trailer.

Despite being under the 10,000 lbs. mark, we still carried out everything we could, piling our furniture up to be moved separately.  This guy waited patiently as we hooked up the hitch, it took longer than we expected.  Hours longer. Actually moving the house was easy, but getting it out of the driveway and back into a lot was quite difficult.  We almost tipped it into a pond at one point… no joke.” – Halley

Read the complete story at Halley’s House.

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  1. I am finishing my modified 18′ Fencl and I am so scared about moving it. I am remember all that lumber I carried and how heavy it was and I am afraid I am too heavy for my trailer. It is up on blocks. I read on Haley’s post that they put on a third axel. I wonder if I should consider that. My trailer has an 8000 load but I honestly don’t have any idea how heavy my house is. Any suggestions

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