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Hanspeter’s Tumbleweed Tiny House in Germany

Hanspeter stumbled upon the Tumbleweed website and was immediately fascinated by the little structures… Hanspeter began construction of his tiny home last summer, but since he is building one of the first tiny homes in Germany he has encountered a few unique challenges…” – Tumbleweed Read and see more of this Hanspeter’s Tumbleweed Tiny House in Germany.


The models Basic and L are single caravans with floor areas of about 240 and 300 square feet. Model L has room for a large wardrobe. Sleeping in a large, substantial caravan completely constructed of wood is an experience in its own right, one that is relaxing beyond words. Fold the bed up, and there is room […]

Pavilion by Baumhauer

This small pavilion was designed by the Berlin-based architectural firm, Baumhauer. It’s located in the mountains in southern Germany. While it’s not a home, I was really impressed by the simple geometric design and some of the unusual features, like the mirrors and deck roof. It seems like there are a lot of nice traits in […]

Rock and Rollit

Several readers passed this onto me; it seems to be a very captivating idea. When I first spotted it I expected to see a HAL 9000 computer watching over the inhabitants because it’s so similar to basic structure of the living quarters of the spaceship Discovery in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. But no, […]

Bike Trailer House

One of my readers, Tom, sent me two links to some great bike pulled trailer houses in Germany. While the thumbnail images on the first website aren’t clickable you can right-click (or control-click on a Mac) and view the image in a new window. Very inspiring to see someone building bike pulled tiny houses. Thanks […]

Tiny Chapel

This tiny chapel is about 180 square feet and is located in Kolbermoor, Germany. I really like how the simple space and structure and how natural light enters the building. This is also an architect designed structure (by Kunze Seeholzer Architektur & Stadtplanung) but has many qualities that could inspire. Tiny Chapel

Everland Portable Hotel

It seems like you never quite know where this tiny portable hotel will show up. It’s sat on top of an ancient museum in Germany, had a view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and been on a luxury hotel in Tokyo. It’s a cool small design built originally as an installation art project by […]

2009 Solar Decathlon Winner

All the homes at the Solar Decathlon are impressive showcases of advanced renewable energy technology, and it looks like the German team took the first place prize with their cube-shaped surPLUShome. Congratulations to the team from Germany! 2009 Solar Decathlon Winner

Drop In Haus

This is an amazing (and bizarre) idea. It’s a complete house that is dropped inside a much older ruin of a house. Instead of renovating the old home just slip a new tiny home inside and voila you have a new home with the flavor of an old dilapidated one. All kidding aside, this is […]

Tiny Hotel in Germany

Here’s an interesting idea for some simple lodging. It’s a tiny room for rent in Germany that’s not much bigger than a bed. For the frugal traveler this might be just the right fit. Tiny Hotel in Germany

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