The models Basic and L are single caravans with floor areas of about 240 and 300 square feet. Model L has room for a large wardrobe. Sleeping in a large, substantial caravan completely constructed of wood is an experience in its own right, one that is relaxing beyond words. Fold the bed up, and there is room for painting, making music, rehearsing a speach or singing a song…” – Wohlwagen

See more of the Wohlwagen…

Thanks to Frank for sending this my way!

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  1. Aloha… I absolutely love this tiny house. I’ve been researching for the past few years on these small wonders. By any chance do you have any more interior photos… Bathroom, kitchen & living area. And are you into sharing the plans for this gem? Mahalo & Blessed Happy living!

    1. Click on “See more of the Wohlwagen” and then click at the bottom where it says “Wohlwagen”. It will show you more pictures. I had to play with it a bit myself and finally found where the pics are.

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