The Big Maroon – House Truck on a 1949 Federal Farmtruck

John purchased this 1949 Federal flatbed farmtruck in 1971 for the princely sum of $125. He’s done a lot of work on this beautiful old truck since then. There’s more about what he’s been up to here.” – Keith

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5 thoughts on “The Big Maroon – House Truck on a 1949 Federal Farmtruck”

  1. I,m a senior citizen, and can’t get this truck out of my mind. It was featured in “Tiny Homes on the Move”, which is a glorious book I purchased last month at Barnes & Noble. As soon as I saw the interior/exterior photos, I knew I’d have to own one.

    My children are grown, and I’m ready to travel a little and sell my 2-family home and all its ongoing repair issues, along with miserable tenants. Can you send me a video and some more photos and info on this home? Thanks,

    P.S. I live in Taxachusetts, but want to move to a warmer state, perhaps Oregon or the Carolinas. Got any suggestions, additional info, and more inside photos? Have you had many repair issues with this vehicle? How is this truck classified for the Massachusetts D.O.T.? Thanks!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I have a 1974 18’6″ long motor home I need to rebuild and want to do something like this, just on a smaller scale. 🙂

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