Cozy Bed in a Rustic Fisherman’s Cottage in Gotland

The above room is from a fisherman’s cottage in Gotland, renovated and owned by Swedish cinematographer, Bengan Widell. A rustic space with a unique mix of vintage middle eastern accents, religious wall art and Swedish pine.” – Poppytalk

Read more at Poppytalk: Mixed Styles (Swedish/Moroccan). Photos by Karin Björkquist

Handmade Matt’s Kitchen & Bathroom Off-Grid Wagon

Here is a cabin which I have built on a flat bed, twin axle trailer. It serves as both a transport method and as facilites for a yurt. It has a fully equipped kitchen with oven, hob grill, fridge, sink, as well as a bathroom and a compost toilet, all with hot and cold running water.” – Handmade Matt

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Reinventing the Mud Hut

It’s not often that a project requires you to bulk up on your haggling skills. Then again, it’s not often that a project requires you to re-invent the African Mud Hut either. But that was exactly the task presented to Karolina and Wayne Switzer, participants of the Nka Foundation’s “10×10 Shelter Challenge” to design and build a 10 by 10 feet shelter deep in the heart of Ghana.” – ArchDaily

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Scandinavian Peaks Hut

Built in 1990 among the magnificent Scandinavian peaks of the Matanuska Glacier area. It provides a great base camp for the exploration of the area and assaults on the neighboring peaks. 40 yards behind the hut-small rivulets draining form the ice, might be frozen in the morning. Water can also be obtained on the Scandinavian Glacier below. Sleeps 10, insulated, 2-burner Coleman cook stove, bring your own fuel.” – Mountaineering Club of Alaska

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Shepherd Huts a Hawthbush Farm

Tucked in their own wildflower meadows, our Shepherds Huts are the best of comfy camping on a farm. Each has a covered field kitchen with a gas stoves, wool duvet, wood burning stoves for warmth – relax by candlelight in the hammock or settle around your Kadai firepit and barbeque. We have Aggie, a couples shepherds hut, in its own field away from the family camping area (for availability please email) as well as Bibi, a family hut in its own plot with fabulous views as well as Cashel, a family hut about 250 yards from the parking in its own woodland clearing. We have bikes available for hire and there all glampers have free use of our wood fired hot tub.” – Hawthbush Farm

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A Romantic Retreat in Cornwall

“The 85 year old cottage is located on a remote cove on the rugged windswept coast of Cornwall. The Beach Hut was a teahouse when first built in the 1920′s, but had not been occupied for years and was terribly run-down when purchased by the current owners. They undertook a sympathetic restoration, preserving what they could and only introducing new materials that were compatible with the old. The original character is on display with clapboard siding, a stone chimney, and a weathered porch that overlooks the cove. The original floor plan divided the 510 ft2 (about 47 m2) cottage into small dark rooms.” – Small House Bliss.

Explore Shackleton’s Antarctic Hut

One of my readers, Dav, sent this too me. It’s an opportunity to peek back in time inside Shackleton’s Antarctic Hut. Thanks again Dav!

“For some time now, the Google Street View team has been systematically mapping and creating imagery that allows us access to some of the world’s most picturesque and historic locales. The latest location takes us literally to the ends of the Earth with a look inside Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s survival hut.

Working with the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota, as well as the Antarctic Heritage Trust, Google was able to access Shackleton’s surprisingly well-preserved and well-stocked hut. By taking several shots using fish-eye lenses, the Google team was able to stitch together the images to create one 360-degree experience.

The results are nothing short of amazing. Shackleton’s hut was built in 1908, and fellow explorer Robert Scott’s abode, which was also captured by Google, was built in 1912. Both explorers used the huts as a survival base during their explorations and race to be the first to reach the South Pole.”

Continue reading… Explore inside Shackleton’s Antarctic hut courtesy of Google | DVICE.

Foot Bridge with Hut

One of my regular readers, Dav, sent me a link to this great little foot bridge and hut on Instructables. He and I see the basic structure of a little cabin. The instructable shows mostly how to build the bridge but at the end there is a little bit about the hut. Thanks for the link Dav!

Foot Bridge with Hut

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