A Romantic Retreat in Cornwall

“The 85 year old cottage is located on a remote cove on the rugged windswept coast of Cornwall. The Beach Hut was a teahouse when first built in the 1920′s, but had not been occupied for years and was terribly run-down when purchased by the current owners. They undertook a sympathetic restoration, preserving what they could and only introducing new materials that were compatible with the old. The original character is on display with clapboard siding, a stone chimney, and a weathered porch that overlooks the cove. The original floor plan divided the 510 ft2 (about 47 m2) cottage into small dark rooms.” – Small House Bliss.

4 thoughts on “A Romantic Retreat in Cornwall”

  1. Having a hard time figuring out where to read more on this new site you have. Do I click on pictures, is the little blurb all there is? Want to know more about houses etc…but how?

    1. I think you shouldn’t click on anything, particularly anything in blue or anything that changes your mouse icon. You should write a comment and wait for proper instructions on how web pages work. 🙂

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