Moon Dragon by Zyl Vardos

Here’s another amazing hand built tiny house from Zyl Vardos. It’s called Moon Dragon and measures 24-feet long, 9-feet wide, and just over 13-feet tall. A

A handmade dutch door opens onto a wood filled home with high ceilings covered in cedar. A wood-burning stove keeps the house warm. Cork flooring and mahogany cabinetry and walls finish out the interior. The total floor space is 216 square feet.

In the bathroom, you’ll find a shower, sink, and composting toilet. The loft is large enough for a queen size bed up some alternating step stairs. To learn more about this tiny house visit Inhabitat and to learn more about the tiny house builder, visit the Zyl Vardos website.

Moon-Dragon-by-Zyl-Vardos-2 Moon-Dragon-by-Zyl-Interior Moon-Dragon-by-Zyl-Vardos-celiing Moon-Dragon-by-Zyl-Vardos-Stairs

Scott Brown’s $500 Tiny Home

Some tiny homes available on the market cost more than a standard size home. But thats not the way Scott Brown sees the tiny house movement… Using salvaged materials and a few gifted items — like a sweet woodstove — he built this little home for under $500. The home is only 83 square feet and sits on 20 acres of land that Brown’s friend owns.” – Inhabitat

Read and see more about this $500 tiny house built using salvaged materials at Inhabitat

Dans mon arbre

Dans mon arbre is a treehouse company in Grenoble, France. Each treehouse they build is one of a kind and designed for each individual tree and client. I was really impressed with all the different designs they’ve come up with so far and the high level of craftmanship. The treehouse pictured here is especially cool with shutters and awnings that open and close to help control the interior temperature. I first spotted this on Inhabitat.

Dans mon arbre