Scott Brown’s $500 Tiny Home

Some tiny homes available on the market cost more than a standard size home. But thats not the way Scott Brown sees the tiny house movement… Using salvaged materials and a few gifted items — like a sweet woodstove — he built this little home for under $500. The home is only 83 square feet and sits on 20 acres of land that Brown’s friend owns.” – Inhabitat

Read and see more about this $500 tiny house built using salvaged materials at Inhabitat

4 thoughts on “Scott Brown’s $500 Tiny Home”

  1. I admire Scotts little home. I would love to one day build or have build a small house of some sort and move out into the scrb somewhere away from humanity which I am getting to dislike more and more. Tiny Homes is a wonderful concept. Why when one builds a house it has to be 50 times bigger than what is neccessary.

    1. Hi Scott,
      Love to move in its just beautiful work & hardship,Congrats God Bless ♡♡♡

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