Knotty Pine Cabins from Alberta Canada

Once they go on sale, the micro-homes will be sold as packaged materials, with assembly required. The company also leaves electrical and plumbing up to the buyer. Depelteau said the prototypes have been designed to stay on the trailer, keeping them easily movable, but noted buyers could also plant their home on the ground if they preferred.” – CBC News

Read more about Knotty Pine Cabins. Visit the Knotty Pine Cabins website.

4 thoughts on “Knotty Pine Cabins from Alberta Canada”

  1. I became interested in this sight when I was dreaming of solutions for homeless individuals. Actually years before when exploring Japenese versions for travelers. Your materials are a delight. Thank you.

  2. Very good idea. Sears once sold large homes in pre-fab kit form. This will give a company in a remote area a larger customer base and the customer a real assist in building their own TH. If we could only have teleportation…but how do you digitize lumber?

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