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Knotty Pine Cabins from Alberta Canada

Once they go on sale, the micro-homes will be sold as packaged materials, with assembly required. The company also leaves electrical and plumbing up to the buyer. Depelteau said the prototypes have been designed to stay on the trailer, keeping them easily movable, but noted buyers could also plant their home on the ground if […]

A Peek Inside a Cordwood Cabin Prototype

Hello, here’s a link to a video of our new cordwood cabin design. Hope you like it!” – Diane Watch the video slideshow on YouTube. Thanks for posting this link on our Facebook page Diane!

Exo – Portable Housing Prototype Can Be Assembled by Hand in Two Minutes

These 80-square-foot structures best anything FEMA’s been using in many ways—they can be assembled by hand in two minutes, cost a quarter of the money to build ($5,000 each) and are stackable and portable (20 shelters, enough to house 80 people, can fit on a standard trailer truck).” – Dwell Learn more about this New Portable Housing […]

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