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Exploring Rendering SketchUp Drawings with Podium V2

 I’ve been playing with a SketchUp plugin called Podium V2 that helps you make more photo realistic images of your SketchUp drawings. I’m just getting my feet wet with this sort of thing but so far I’ve been very happy to find how easy it is to make slick looking images. Continue reading about Exploring Rendering […]

Chair On Demand: Pressure-Activated Stool Flips into Action

This is a truly clever idea for a compact folding chair. “An innocuous little black box when not in use, the act of simply sitting on this stool converts it into a complete chair with back and arm rests.” See more about the Chair On Demand: Pressure-Activated Stool Flips into Action | Ideas on Dornob.

Furniture for Tiny Spaces

Ryan, over at The Tiny Life, posted an article on some cool convertible furniture ideas for small spaces. Furniture that transforms into other useful forms can extend the functional use of any space. I like finding products like this because it gives the woodworker in me some inspirational ideas for future projects. Furniture for Tiny […]

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