Furniture for Tiny Spaces

Ryan, over at The Tiny Life, posted an article on some cool convertible furniture ideas for small spaces. Furniture that transforms into other useful forms can extend the functional use of any space. I like finding products like this because it gives the woodworker in me some inspirational ideas for future projects.

Furniture for Tiny Spaces

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  1. Marsha Cowan

    My experiences with furniture that does double roll is that it will ultimately do only one roll which is usually the one that has it in the way the most because it is simply too much trouble to be constantly transforming it back and forth. Simple furniture that does one simple thing is still the easiest furniture to live with even if that piece of furniture has to be scaled down to fit. Even better, shelves, cubbies, hooks, nooks, etc. in a small home that do not have any moving parts that must be accomodated are still the best way to go.

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