Space Saving Furniture

The piece of folding furniture we present you today was spotted on and it was designed by Japanese company Atelier OPA. The series of mobile furniture named  Kenchikukagu were designed for work, sleep and eating. With highly effective designs like a mobile work station, a mobile bed and a mobile kitchen thrown in, the series allows apartment dwellers to cramp in all the essential furniture necessary for urban living, without compromising on form or functionality.” – DesignRulz.

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Small Office Fits in a Box

Another great idea for tucking a lot of function into a small space.

“The prototype was designed by an Uruguayan designer, Claudio Sibille. I like the way you can fit the chair into the cabinet and fold the work table down and roll the little office space into a corner. The quality of the wood is attractive and the design modern so it would work with most any decor.”

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Nomad – Simple, Modern, Mobile Furniture

Clever made in America modular furniture that’s easily transportable for the nomads among us. While built-ins seem more ideal for a tiny house on wheels, these seem great for those moving from space to space.

“Nomad is furniture designed with this “modern nomad” in mind.  furniture designed to be simple, minimal, easy to assemble, disassemble, and move. nomad is modular and uses a tool-less joint system, so you never have screws or tools to keep track of.  nomad is made in the USA from local eco-friendly materials.  we love what we do.  hope you enjoy it too!”

Check out their Kickstarter campiagn – Nomad – Simple, Modern, Mobile furniture by Clark Davis.

Just a side note…  I’d love to see some designs from these folks that allow the interchanging of parts to make all sorts of different units… like lego are to toys, nomad could be to furniture.