House Arc

At $55,000 this small structure is more expensive than most people want to spend, but it’s definitely a cool design.

Bellomo Architects, in Palo Alto, wanted to design an IKEA-like house, only easier to put together. Just like the Swedish company’s famous furniture, this 150 square foot modular structure can be flat-packed and delivered in a box that is only 4x10x3 feet in size. When complete, it only weighs 3,000 lbs. and can be used as shelter after natural disasters, as a backyard studio or office, or as a tiny house.”

Read more about the House Arc.

Prefab Amish Shed – Lloyd’s Blog

Very nice timber frame kit house.

“We have just finished this 8’ x 11’ Amish cottage.  The Amish supplied the timber frame and we erected it and completed it with siding, cedar roofing, and exterior stucco. We finished off the interior with 2” rigid insulation between beams and in-wall electric wiring.

You can also learn more about Jeanie and David Stiles by going to their website: They have authored over 20 books on do-it-yourself building projects.”

via Lloyd’s Blog: Prefab Amish Shed.

Palladio’s Escape Cottage

You might have seen this on Facebook over the last few days. It’s the prototype for a tiny house kit that the builder hopes to sell as prefab components or a complete house. It’s a really amazing design too and looks custom, not like a prefab. This variation is 412 square feet and would cost in about $29,000 to build the shell with new materials.

Palladio’s Escape Cottage

Cabana Village Cabin Kits

Here’s a cabin builder in Wilmington, Delaware that sells cabin kits. They seem reasonably priced and would make it a bit easier for novice builders to setup a small cabin. The cabin pictured here is a 12×12 kit with an 8×12 interior plus deck. I really like the slightly whimsical design.

Cabana Village Cabin Kits