Tiny Yurt Living in Northern Minnesota

Grace Brogan and John Kamman live in a yurt. It’s a squat round structure with lattice walls, a dome skylight and a few layers of canvas over the whole thing — think of a tent with stiff walls. Tents are great in the summer, but this is winter. In northern Minnesota.” – Minnesota Public Radio News

Read the whole story… Even in the frozen North, a yurt’s so good at Minnesota Public Radio News. Thanks again to Ben for sending this story my way!

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen NPR Interview

I didn’t see a link to the audio, but the interview was posted in text. Here’s a clip:

“The tiny house movement is getting pretty big. Tiny houses are 300 square feet or less and are used as vacation homes, guest cabins, offices and even as primary residences.

The appeal is that they’re cheaper to build and maintain. A rising star in the tiny house scene is Derek Diedricksen, a 35 year-old rock drummer and father of two. Diedricksen lives in Stoughton, Mass. and produces a popular web video series called Tiny Yellow House, which has been described as “Wayne’s World” meets “This Old House.””

Read Tiny House Movement Grows Bigger | Here & Now.

Tiny Houses in Japan

This story on Japanese Microhouses was a very popular this past week, I had several readers pass it along to me. Tiny houses are nothing new in Japan of course and it’s inspiring to see how their leading architectural designers transform tiny city lots with tiny homes that feel big inside.

Read and Listen to this story from NPR

Thanks again to Ryan, Dick, and Yvonne for tipping me off to this story.