Tiny Houses Growing Through the Cracks in City Rules

So far, three years after the Charlotte couple started work, they’ve heard no complaints. The Bouchers aren’t yet living in their house full time because it isn’t finished, so they’re probably safe from zoning officials, but the regulatory uncertainty looms over their future plans.” – Sam Hardiman for The Charlotte Observer.

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Tiny House Drama: The County Planning Department

Read a first hand experience with a restrictive planning department.

“Right now, we are “camped out” on a neighbor’s land that is adjacent to our own, because the county does not officially allow trailers or RVs to be parked on any parcel (even a 23 acre one) that does not have a building permit.

We originally thought we would have broken ground on our “official” house by now, but we chose to buy land in a county notorious for being difficult and they are living up to their reputation.”

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