Tiny Houses Growing Through the Cracks in City Rules

So far, three years after the Charlotte couple started work, they’ve heard no complaints. The Bouchers aren’t yet living in their house full time because it isn’t finished, so they’re probably safe from zoning officials, but the regulatory uncertainty looms over their future plans.” – Sam Hardiman for The Charlotte Observer.

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4 thoughts on “Tiny Houses Growing Through the Cracks in City Rules”

  1. Marsha Cowan

    Beautiful house, and from the street view, it really adds to the neighborhood, so I would not understand if anyone complained. The yard is so neatly kept, and what a clever way to do the solar! A few low growing plants around that structure would be very pretty, and nobody would ever know it was there. I would also recommend painting the outside and inside of the blocks with that water proofing paint for cement blocks to keep moisture out of whatever you have inside…battery? Charge controller? Inverter? Just a thought. You are a great example for the tiny house movement…you make us proud!

  2. This is one of the reasons I’ve decided that some of the 15 unimproved acres at my RV Park are going to be used for people who own Tiny Houses to live on!

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