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A Tiny Rock-Shaped Cabin in the Swiss Alps

The tiny cabin was commissioned during an artist residency at the Verbier 3D Foundation. Despite its outward appearance, the interior is a cozy, modern, habitable space. The inside has been finished entirely in light wood, with several pull-downs and fold-away items to form the different living areas.” – Humble Homes Read and see more of this Tiny […]

Emerald Moss House – Inspiring Tiny House Sculpture by Sally Smith

Now to the details of this house… this one is one of the larger sculptures that I’ve built. I had found this patch of moss clinging to a cliff area and it begged for a house to be built here, so I did! It took me 4 days just to collect all the stones and […]

Tiny House in a Landscape – On a River

A tiny house on a perch in a river. I’m thinking I’d want pontoons on this house just in case of a flood – ha ha. “This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape was sent to me by Ambershawn Ruse who received it as a photo of the day wall paper from National Geographic. It […]

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