What Do You Think of This Tiny Home’s Giant Price? I Blame the Location

The home, 2508 N.W. 67th St., is just 370 square feet, which explains why a house in Loyal Heights is listed for just $275,000.” – seattlepi.com

Very nice tiny home. Great photos too (by Michael Harris/Windermere Real Estate). I’m just still surprised to see that some folks still think $275,000 is a low price for a tiny-small home… must be the location.

On the positive side, this example might convince some tiny house skeptics that allowing micro housing in cities might just improve neighborhood home values – (hint: so make them legal!) In fact tiny homes can, and often do, fill those gaps left between larger homes in high density locations and allow for more diversity.

Learn more about this Tiny house for sale in Loyal Heights – seattlepi.com.

Why Buy When You Can First Try? Experience Shipping Container Living in a Seattle Vacation Rental

Before our container began its new life as a guest house in our yard, it trucked pineapples around Hawai’i. Everyone who sees it thinks that it’s pretty amazing…

The Big Yellow container is comfortably nestled in our fenced backyard and is conveniently located between the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods in Seattle.” – VRBO

Learn more and see inside this Shipping Container Guest House

12×20 Garden Pavilion in Seattle

Though the footprint of the structure is quite small, just 20 x 12, it has a remarkable number of green features, including a Warmboard radiant subfloor, tilt-turn windows and doors handcrafted from Douglas fir, reclaimed wood used for the rafters, a dual flush toilet, and is oriented for passive heating and cooling. “It was important for us to be green, but we werent chasing LEED,” says resident Jon Zimmerman. The exterior boasts a standing-seam copper and cedar rain screen.” – Dwell

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Backyard Cottage Workshop Next Week

A workshop is coming up in Seattle.

“Would you like to learn more about backyard cottages, meet others thinking about building a backyard cottage and talk to experts in the design and construction of backyard cottages? Microhouse and Ncompass cottage company will be hosting the first of our fall backyard cottage workshops next Wednesday September 19th at 7:00pm at the Community School of West Seattle.”

via backyard cottage blog: backyard cottage workshop next week.

I’m Stuck in a Seattle Tiny House and I Can’t Get Out!

Schlage, the lock manufacturing company, working with Young & Laramore, an advertising agency, came up with this brilliant marketing campaign that featured a tiny house at it’s core… a tiny house by Seattle Tiny Homes. Adrienne from Young & Laramore told me:

“We partnered with Seattle Tiny Homes to lock a guy in a house for a week and challenged people in the Seattle area to participate in a 5-day scavenger hunt to find the key and let him out- the winner received $5,000. People were “wowed” by the house and enthusiastic about the Key to Strong Challenge. The campaign was so successful that Schlage is looking into bringing the challenge to other cities. “

It sounds like it turned into a fun event and a win-win for everyone – especially the guy that finally got out of the house and the gal that won the prize! Thanks for sharing Adrienne!

Seattle Tiny Homes in the News

Get the back-story behind Seattle Tiny Homes.

“After years spent as a private contractor drawing floor plans for regular-sized homes, Sharon Read started Seattle Tiny Homes, a company that specializes in eco-friendly high-end miniature homes. Sharon Read, founder of Seattle Tiny Homes, places dishes in the dining area in the Ballard model home that she created.

The company debuted its first model in February during an environmental trade show and the buzz hasn’t stopped since, Read said.

She recently provided a tour of the first home she designed, a 174-square-foot unit made for small families.”

SHNS photo by Meegan M. Reid / Kitsap Sun

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Mini-Mobile Cottage Update from Seattle

Jeff & Arlene report on their take on tiny house living from Seattle – and doesn’t that snow look great right about now!

“We get questions like, “are you still living in the tiny house?”, and sometimes from skeptics, “so, uh, how is it, living in there?”Well, we still love it. We built it and it means something to us in addition to being a good place to live.”

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