I’m Stuck in a Seattle Tiny House and I Can’t Get Out!

Schlage, the lock manufacturing company, working with Young & Laramore, an advertising agency, came up with this brilliant marketing campaign that featured a tiny house at it’s core… a tiny house by Seattle Tiny Homes. Adrienne from Young & Laramore told me:

“We partnered with Seattle Tiny Homes to lock a guy in a house for a week and challenged people in the Seattle area to participate in a 5-day scavenger hunt to find the key and let him out- the winner received $5,000. People were “wowed” by the house and enthusiastic about the Key to Strong Challenge. The campaign was so successful that Schlage is looking into bringing the challenge to other cities. “

It sounds like it turned into a fun event and a win-win for everyone – especially the guy that finally got out of the house and the gal that won the prize! Thanks for sharing Adrienne!