Project R (The Rubble House)

One of my readers pointed me to this gabion house and a few others. It looks like there’s a lot of potential for using gabions in housing. Thanks John!

“Project R involves entrapping rubble in wire mesh cages and developing the Gabion system normally used for retaining walls into a simple architectural system, in order to build, at a fraction of the cost of prefabricated houses, single-story, multi-use structures via a method that requires minimal time (2-3 weeks), raw material, training, or equipment, and that can employ the local community itself. By eliminating the need to move and dump rubble and instead maximizing its use in place as raw construction material, Project R bypasses transportation difficulties posed by destroyed roads infrastructure and can be propagated quickly in a modular fashion with the help of the local civil community.”

via World Buildings Directory – Project R (The Rubble House).

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