Fashionable Trailers Are Making a Comeback

Rebecca has a good point.

“It’s finally catching on…. This trailer thing

…But in this broken economy that has affected everyone, the value of the mobile home has vastly increased. No, not the value as a monetary asset, but the value as an inexpensive structure. And this value is being noticed by small business and boutique owners around the country.”

via Fashionable Trailers | trailerchic.

Photograph by: Jay Janner , AP

1 thought on “Fashionable Trailers Are Making a Comeback”

  1. Hmm, I was hoping there was more to the article than that.

    I have seen some FANTASTIC Airstream trailers and old school trailers being fixed up to be pretty swanky living quarters. I know Tiny House Listings has listed a few that have impressed me. Inhabitat had a few others that I loved.

    If you want a tiny home and can get your hands on one, more power to you. Especially when tiny homes have almost no way to be financed. To top it off, most people are popping into a tiny home to get out of debt anyway. It is amazing what a little sweat and perseverance can do.

    Stay open minded when searching for your (tiny) dream home. You’d be amazed at what shape it takes!

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