Shipping Container Clad in Live-Edge Siding

Don’t like the steel box look of a shipping container, but want the strength and durability? Here’s a photo of someone’s shipping container class in live-edge siding. It seems like a good start toward making it look more rustic cabin-like. An end wall, windows, and roof would really polish it off.

photo via Shipping container as a garage/shed anyone have one or know anyone who has ? –

Park Model Tiny House with Log Cabin Siding

Here’s a neat little house with log cabin siding that is located by the beach on Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. The photo was sent in by one of our awesome readers on our Facebook Page so I thought I’d share it with you all.
It looks like it might be a park model home so it probably sits on a trailer so it’s still mobile you just need a special license to move it since it seems wider than 8’6″.
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Roof, Siding, and Windows at Tiny House Over the Hill

The folks over at Tiny House Over the Hill are making great progress on their tiny home and feeling some of the pain of working with some of the steps in the construction progress.

“Installing a standing seam metal roof is not for the faint of heart. This, by far, has been the most challenging aspect of this project. Why a metal roof, you might ask.”

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Exterior Siding is Going Up – Tiny Home Builders

Dan is making great progress on this tiny house and recording the entire building process in how-to videos.

“The siding is going up and I am starting to see what it’s going to look like. I hope to have all of the exterior siding done as well as the roof by the end of the week, but I’m thinking that might be just a bit much, especially since we have rain predicted. I have a tendency to set lofty goals which often leads to disappointment, but when I aim low it’s easy not to overshoot.”

via Exterior siding is going up | Tiny Home Builders.


Steeling Chocolate! – Tiny House Ontario

Tiny House Ontario is getting some siding – and it’s looking super sweet! Laura says:

“My childhood friend Allan calls Tiny House Ontario “The Chocolate Shed”.  For those of you who don’t know me… this is owing to my huge addiction to Cadbury chocolate.  When I looked at the photos for the first time, it suddenly dawned on me that I picked steel that is the same colour as my favourite food group.  I think that Allan will like this!”

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