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Lexa Dome Tiny Homes: 540 Sq Ft Dome Cabin

Today I wanted to show you this round tiny cabin. It’s designed and built by a company called Lexa Dome Homes.

Epic Tiny Cabin featured in Handmade Houses

This epic tiny cabin is featured in Richard Oldsen‘s Handmade Houses book. I’m always fanatical about unique structures like this.

Cozy Small Cottage: The Pink House

What began as a kitchen remodel within a historic Aspen mining cottage grew to involve a series of artist studio studies for the backyard of the quaint Hyman Avenue residence known as the Pink House.

Two Shipping Containers Turned into a Small House

If you’re like me you don’t just like tiny houses. I happen to like all sorts of unique shelters in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Shipping Container Tiny House in Bonaire

Thought you would also like this shipping container to tiny cabin conversion over in Bonaire. I absolutely love the way they did it.

My Micro House within a Normal House

Hello my name is Don and I live in the Okanagan Valley of BC Canada. I was in the market for a tiny off grid home.

Late 1800′s Tiny/Small House Made of Brick

This is a genuine tiny house my Father showed to me while visiting family in my hometown of Fort Wayne, IN. If you are in the area, it’s closest to Wayne & Broadway.

Two Story Tiny House for Work, Guests or Living?

Photo Credit Portland Sequoia House This is a unique tall and skinny house that I just had to show you. And it looks like there’s another small structure on the property as well. I love the window frames and it seems to be very spacious considering it has two stories. Looks like it’d make for […]

Spacious Cabin on Wheels with Large Windows

Side View I love how it has so many windows and the large sliding glass doors. Side View with Plenty of Covered Porch Space If it were up to me I would have put the sliding glass doors to give you direct access to the covered porch. That would make the most sense to me. […]

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