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The Field Lab’s New Neighbor

Looks like John Wells is going to have more company out in the desert. Pictured here is her outhouse. I wonder what kind of home Dona Lu plans to build? “My part time SW neighbor Dona Lu came out to work on her place for the weekend.  She pre-built studded walls for an out house building […]

Couple Shares Their Experience About Their Tiny House Life

More tiny houses in the news, this time from Texas. “Evan Coulson and Gabrielle Hodges agree living in a home built on an eight foot by 20 foot trailer is a bit unconventional. “The average home could fit about 20, about 20 of these in it,” Coulson said. Guests invited inside quickly learn a person can live […]

Why Tiny Texas Houses Doesn’t Build Houses on Trailers

The folks at Tiny Texas Houses explain why they don’t build tiny houses on wheels. “…As to people building them and using them to run down the road a lot. Weight, pieces falling off at 60 mph, cross winds, driving into winds affecting true wind pressures and likely lack of consideration in construction will eventually […]

Tiny House Company – Tiny House Delivery

An example of the finished product from the Tiny House Company on delivery day. “A Coastal Cottage tiny house model made its way to Austin, Texas on Sunday to its new home next to Lake Travis.  Our apologies to TXDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) for holding up traffic and causing a scene. Thanks to the […]