Congratulations Jordan & Kaylee – 365 Days Free

In this video Jordan tells the full backstory for how his path to freedom began… and no it wasn’t because he was a winner on The Price is Right; It’s because winning The Price is Right gave him the opportunity for a taste of freedom and he & Kaylee haven’t wanted it to stop. Rock on Jordan & Kaylee!

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Got Laid Off? Build a Bus-Based Tiny House!

Jordan & Kaylee built a bus-based tiny house in two months. Jordan was laid-off in May, and now on August 1st, they are hitting the road on their next life adventure.

The did the conversion themselves, starting with removing all the moldy old floors and odd bits and pieces. They didn’t have a lot of building experience, but did a nice job making the old bus look like a home.

They’ve posted their work so far on YouTube and will be posting regular updates while traveling. Follow The Nomadic Movement on Youtube and Instagram.

Next stop – Niagara Falls!

Jordan working on the van, above and below.

Simple solar system.

Kaylee cooking healthy food in the bus.

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