Congratulations Jordan & Kaylee – 365 Days Free

In this video Jordan tells the full backstory for how his path to freedom began… and no it wasn’t because he was a winner on The Price is Right; It’s because winning The Price is Right gave him the opportunity for a taste of freedom and he & Kaylee haven’t wanted it to stop. Rock on Jordan & Kaylee!

Follow Jordan & Kaylee at The Nomadic Movement on Youtube and on Instagram. Photo credit to Jordan & Kaylee.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Jordan & Kaylee – 365 Days Free”

  1. I found Jordan and Kaylee’s YouTube channel, The Nomadic Movement, a year ago while they were building out their little school bus. They are fun-loving, caring people whose video skills have improved dramatically over the past year as they have travelled through North America and Europe. What may make them unique is that they also create delicious meals and feed them to the homeless during their visits to cities along their way. They are now on an adventure to Alaska. The scenery is awesome and the photography captures it beautifully. I make sure to view every video soon after it is published. Their spirit is so infectious.

  2. Nancy Peters

    Thank you for letting me in on your wonderful adventures–mentally and physically. I have passed this on to family members. I wish I were 40 to 60 years younger and I would do my own, just the way your are.

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