Jenna’s Top 10 Reasons Why Tiny House Living Stinks

Jenna shares her top 10 list of things she wish she knew before going tiny. Here’s the cliff notes:

  1. You’ll be cleaning constantly. It’s easy to clean a tiny house, but it’s just as easy to mess it up.
  2. Composting toilets are a trick to learn. You also have to explain how to use them to guests.
  3. Making the bed in a loft is tough.
  4. Smells are intensified – the good and the bad, they are all intense.
  5. Tight space for guests. So it’s tricky to have a lot of people over socially and anyone overnight.
  6. No room to grow in size. You’re limited by the length of the tiny house trailer.
  7. No room to grow in weight. You’re limited by how much your trailer and tow vehicle can handle.
  8. Tiny closet space. Since there’s no more space, when you get something new, something else has to go.
  9. Parking & insurance are difficult to obtain. She has written about how to obtain parking and insurance here.
  10. Other people’s judgements.

You can read more at Jenna’s travel and tiny house experiences at Tiny House Giant Journey. Photo credit to Jenna.



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  1. Well, if she doesn’t like it so much, she can always move into a normal house and stop complaining.

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