Modern Off-Grid Tiny House

Join the tiny movement! Modern tiny house on wheels for sale! It is 8×22 ft with 280 sq feet of inside space (sleeping loft adds additional footage).
I bought this from the builder with idea of finishing it out and putting it in Granby as a getaway-home, alas working full-time and being in school full-time have not left much time/energy/resources for this project.

One Way to Anchor a Tiny House to a Trailer

Ryan shares how he plans to anchor his tiny house to the trailer in this YouTube video.

“Many people have asked how do you anchor a Tiny House to the trailer so that it doesnt come off while moving down the road or get lifted off during a storm. The four front blots will help with any forces the could cause the house to slide off and the eight tie downs will prevent from any lifting forces they also have a really high sheer sideways strength.”

via Anchoring A Tiny House To The Trailer – YouTube.

Buying a Tiny House Trailer

Kacie, at Treading TINY, shares her experience with shopping for a flatbed trailer – her future tiny home’s foundation.

“Ah, the trailer. That darn trailer that is the base which you will build your tiny dream upon. It is what the concrete foundation of a “regular” house would be in the tiny house world, and possibly your most important purchase. And it’s a bitch. Yeah, I said it.”

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Friar Tuck’s v2.0: The Unveiling

Robb has completed his tiny house food truck. He reports is cost him about $2500.

“June 17th was almost 3 months ago and in that time, through many  ”4 t-shirt” days, hundreds of hours laboring under the Florida summer sun, I’m proud to unveil the new food truck.”

Read a recap of the construction process at Friar Tuck’s » Friar Tuck’s v2.0: The Unveiling.

Tiny Mobile Office Built on a Salvaged $300 Boat Trailer

Jenine is almost done building her third tiny house on wheels.

“Jenine Alexander likes to built tiny structures on wheels. And she loves to find her building materials in the dump or on craigslist.

Her first handcrafted mobile home cost her just a couple thousand dollars. She only paid for the trailer and fasteners; the rest was salvaged. Her second tiny house on wheels she built with a business partner during the summer of 2010, using salvaged windows and doors.

Her latest craigslist find- a $300 duel axel 18′ foot boat trailer- became the foundation for her latest mobile, small shelter. With another $200 and a lot of searching, she found all of the framing lumber, Redwood tongue and groove siding and salvaged doors and windows.”

via Tiny mobile office handbuilt on salvaged $300 boat trailer.