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The Little Red Train Carriage

When I came across this old 1969 Queensland Rail workers van, it was lying in an overgrown field with the roof partially collapsed. A friend of mine had been hoping to live in it before a huge dead tree fell on it and halted her plans. I dragged the carriage – all 14 tonnes of […]

Little Red Caboose restored by Matthew de Boer

Matthew de Boer restored a derelict train carriage, handcrafting a beautiful and cozy living space inside.” – Small House Bliss Read and see more of The Little Red Train Carriage

A Restored Old Luggage Van Makes For A Cosy Retreat

An array of unusual and alternative retreats have been popping up over the last few years, with the vacation sector catering for those seeking a change from overcrowded resorts and hotels. One such company is Rail Holiday UK.Set in St. Germans, Cornwall, Rail Holiday UK offers visitors the opportunity to stay in one of their […]

Full-Size Caboose Kits

David, one of my readers, sent me a link to Dogpatch and Western Railroad. They build a full-size caboose replica kits. While the idea of using a real retired caboose seems like a good idea, the logistics of transporting them to the building site can be cost prohibitive, which makes a kit like this very […]

Planes, Trains, and Trailers

Tiny houses can take many forms. I was fully reminded of this when I saw this post on unusual lodging options around the world. Planes, Trains, and Trailers

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