Little Red Caboose restored by Matthew de Boer

Matthew de Boer restored a derelict train carriage, handcrafting a beautiful and cozy living space inside.” – Small House Bliss

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  1. craig kandell

    Hi there, here’s some text i posted when i shared on fb … i admire these projects … for me it’s merely domestic fantasizing at this point, but who knows, maybe one day … it’s a good clean fun project … I have been toying with a domestic fantasy similar to this for a while; starting with a STEEL caboose, e.g. … … or a project that was started (gutting, etc.), but held in abeyance … … gutting/stripping it to the metal shell, while preserving any wainscotting, etc. for curation/fixing up/repurposing/replacing in caboose, REMOVING the cab it from its undercarriage (greatly diminishes weight) … BRINGING IT UP/RESURRECTING it GREEN, Baby, GREEN … solar panels, windmill(s), etc., in addition to the usual plug in abilities … placing it on a repurposed / renovated flat bed truck, e.g. Mack, etc. … here’s a link to an article from the perspective of the idea not being as crazy as it seems … the person/family who penned this article originally considered getting a steel container and after some norman rockwell (i.e. Lionel reminiscent) level nostalgia started this initiative … … one example of a vintage flatbed truck is … … with either a new or completely refurbished engine … placing the metal cab on the flatbed and having it be street legal … stilts for bracing when ‘parked’ … or … … just a fun (at this point) domestic fantasy project … would be great to have a sliver of land in the Hudson Valley or similar …

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