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Love the shape and alternative construction method of this tiny building. “Shropshire-based MorphPODs offer two timber garden office designs for shedworkers. There’s the the MorphPOD 2.2 (2.2 metres wide, x 3.3m long internal) which is largely built in their workshop and delivered by lorry or trailer, with optional bolt-on wheels so it can be moved […]

Tiny Monks Retreat by Dylan Hartley

Pictured here is St Mellangell’s cell at the Monastery of St Antony & St Cuthbert, Gatten, Shropshire. “Over the last 15 years, Dylan has worked on a number of projects at the monastery. Recently we have completed refurbishment of the chapter house as a guest kitchen, refectory and bathroom facility.” via Lloyd’s Blog: Tiny Monks […]

The Yorkshire Hut Company

The Yorkshire Hut Company is a family owned business that handcrafts these incredible shepherd huts in the UK. The Yorkshire Hut Company

Beach Hut Resorts

Beach Hut Resorts, a luxury vacation rental company in the UK, has made available its first beach hut with many more on the way. I really like the double-hut design. Beach Hut Resorts

Tiny House in a Barn

Nick Weston, the author or The Treehouse Diaries: How to Live Wild in the Woods, has moved out of his treehouse in England and has setup a new humble living space inside an old barn. By comparison he’s now living a modern life with electricity, a gas stove, and running water (just outside from a […]

More sheds than households in UK says new report

I think this new report from Screwfix confirms my suspicion that tiny outbuildings are much more popular in the UK than America. It’s estimated that there are as many as 30 million outbuildings in Britain, which is more than the total number of households. More sheds than households in UK says new report

Shedworking on BBC Breakfast

Just to give you a peek inside the shed craze in the UK… the BBC recently covered the popularity of shedworking in a recent broadcast. Shedworking on BBC Breakfast

Canopy & Stars

If you are planning a holiday in the UK and prefer a simpler lifestyle, you might want to check out the vacation rentals Canopy & Stars offers. There are quite a wide variety of tiny spaces available like shepherd huts, domes, and tents. I first spotted this on Shedworking. Canopy & Stars


This tiny garden office is available from Pod Space in the UK. It’s available with options like a living roof, underfloor heating, high efficiency windows, and custom integral furniture. MicroPod

Shepherd’s Hut

Taylors Garden Buildings builds these shepherd’s huts customized to each buyer’s needs. This one measures 12′ by 8′ but they can be made as large as 22′ by 12′. They are available in the UK. Shepherds Hut

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