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Beach Huts by James Ward

James Ward, a carpenter and builder in the UK offers unique custom made beach huts. His website even says his huts are available outside the UK. Beach Huts by James Ward


The Microlodge is conceived to be a vacation rental unit or camping alternative and is made in the UK. It’s a refreshing new take on the shape of what a cabin can be. Microlodge

The Shepherd’s Rest

The Shepherd’s Rest, located in the UK, builds shepherds huts similar to those that were used for centuries in rural England. These are built with new materials and to a very high level of quality. The Shepherd’s Rest

Ecospace – Extreme Tiny House Luxury

Here’s a tiny house for those who crave luxury and have the money to afford it. It costs about $55,000 and features a green roof, SIP (structural insulated panel) construction, and environmentally friendly building materials. Ecospace is located in London. Ecospace – Extreme Luxury

Cove Park

This is an excellent example of how the industrial character of shipping containers can be subdued by a natural setting, and a little dirt sprinkled on top… ha-ha. This is Cove Park in Scotland. Cove Park

Ecospace Workpod

Very nice little backyard home office built by Ecospace available in the UK. It features a nice modern design, ample insulation, double glazed glass windows, and fairly quick setup. Ecospace Workpod

Shed Plays Role in Saving Lives

Here’s a great story about a shed serving as an intermediate care unit for homeless in Clapham, London. It was setup by nurse practitioner Samantha Dorney-Smith. The services they are providing are already saving lives and reducing emergency calls and hospitalizations. Shed Saves Lives

Old English Ruins

One of my regular readers ran across this fantastic photo album of old English ruins. Many of the photos are of very large structures but tucked here and there are some incredible tiny huts and cottages. Thanks again Dav! Old English Ruins

Jay’s Tiny House – Restart

Justin Peer began building his tiny house last spring/summer. But he ran into trouble with the used trailer he was using which caused him to put his project on hold. No after a break Justin is preparing to jump back in and start again with a longer custom built trailer. Jay’s Tiny House Update

sipsFORM Sustainable Buildings

There are some easy to build, sustainable, and small structures coming out of the UK. They are built from structural insulated panels and you can see several of their designs on the sipsFORM website. sipsFORM Sustainable Buildings

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