$3,000 Off-Grid Tiny House by College Student

Rob Dunn sits on the porch of his two-story, 96-square-foot home in Poultney, Vt. Dunn, a Green Mountain College senior from Henniker, N.H., has lived off the grid for about a year in his tiny home powered by two 100-watt solar panels. He uses a rocket mass heater for cooking and heating.” – Anthony Edwards/Rutland Herald via AP/masslive.com

Source: Vermont college student lives in solar-powered, $3,000 tiny house at masslive.com

10×16 Tiny House “Shed” in Vermont

Rich in Vermont built this tiny 10×16 shed. This photo was taken in 2013. Here’s what he said when he posted the photo.

I’m done with clapboard! Well, not entirely, but I need a couple of doors on the shed before that can happen. The second coat of paint is on, but the trim paint won’t be done until next year.” – rich2Vermont

Read the entire forum thread on the countryplans.com forum. Photos by rich2Vermont. See even more photos all in one place on photobucket.com.



OTIS – Built by REED Students at Green Mountain College in Vermont

A 70 square feet “living system” with a composting toilet, rainwater collection system and solar power that is super lightweight and can be towed by almost any car. Built by REED students at Green Mountain College in Vermont.” – Tiny House Swoon

Read and see more at Tiny House Swoon…

New Tiny House in Winhall, Vermont

A nice Tumbleweed EPU recently completed in Vermont.

“This month my tiny house was completed after a few years of preparation and three months of building. Josh Wengard, a terrific carpenter of Re-Design Construction in Londenderry, Vermont did most everything. I sealed the cedar siding, sanded the maple kitchen counter and generally got in the way. The house was built using the Epu plans from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, though some modifications were made. The final cost was just under $32,000 for building.”

via Tiny House in Winhall, Vermont.

Tiny House Summer Building Camp Photos

Deek has begun posting photos and news of the summer camp workshop he hosted in Vermont. Looks like they all had a very productive time.

“Well, since I’m somewhat caught up on rest from five days in the backwoods of Vermont, and with four of those days being our Relaxshacks.com “Tiny House Summer Camp”, I thought I’d share some photos with you.”

See more at Relaxshacks.com: Tiny House Summer Building Camp Photos- Part 1.

The FernHouse

Here’s a very nice little screened in cabin in Vermont called the FernHouse, created by Bob Swinburne, an architect in Brattleboro, Vermont. It’s nicknamed FernHouse because it looks like is floats on a sea of ferns during the summer months.

The FernHouse