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How To Build A Shed Office

Here’s a great time lapse video that shows how a tiny stick-built building goes together. It nicely illustrated how little building material is needed and how few steps are really needed to provide a basic structure. I first saw this on Shedworking.

Arial Home Rocket Stove and Rain Water Collection

The folks at Arial Home have posted a couple short videos on YouTube that show how they heat water with a rocket stove and collect rain water from the roofs of their tiny prefab homes. Arial Home Rocket Stove and Rain Water Collection Videos

Trailer Concept

Now here’s an idea that had a lot of promise. I wonder why it never took off? I ran across this video while researching ways of building ultralight tiny houses. Trailer Concept

Old Fashion Simple Living

This isn’t really about a tiny house but instead old-fashion simple living. Dick and Bonnie Cain live out in a remote part of West Texas without running water, electricity, or any other modern amenities. They live like folks used to live back in the 1800s and their story is really inspiring. YouTube: Pioneer Couple

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