Off-Grid Urban Tiny House

Tiny House homeowner Steve built his 8×17 tiny house in his backyard, moved-in, and then rented his front house. The renters essentially pay the mortgage on the property. So now Steve is living a mortgage-free life.

There are lots of innovate ideas in this design. For example, his bed functions as a sofa during the day by rolling away below a raised landing. At night it’s super easy to roll-out the bed. On the raised landing is the kitchen and bathroom. The house cost him about $50,000 to build.

This video was created by Bryce Langston at can be found at the Living Big in A Tiny House YouTube Channel. Be sure to follow Bryce for more great tiny house videos.

Learn to Build a Tiny House with Nelson Tiny Houses

This summer the folks at Nelson Tiny Houses will be filming a how-to series that will show owner builders how to build their own tiny homes.

Soon they’ll launch a KickStarter for those who want early access to the how-to video series – and for those who just love their work.

Speaking of their work, take a look below and head over to the Nelson Tiny Houses website. Once there you can learn more about the upcoming KickStarter campaign.

Kootenay Lake Ferry - Nelson Tiny Houses

Acorn Interior - Nelson Tiny Houses

Acorn Loft - Nelson Tiny Houses

Acorn Interior from Loft - Nelson Tiny Houses

Acorn Kitchen - Nelson Tiny Houses

Dan Louche Shows How to Use Drills and Drivers (Video)

Dan Louche at Tiny Home Builders explains the basics of drills and drivers in the video below. Dan has made a complete series of videos on how to build tiny houses. If you’d like to learn more about building your own tiny house, a nice alternative (or addition) to taking a tiny house workshop are watching Dan’s tiny home building videos. Also be sure to check out Dan’s how-to book and plans.

via Tools – Drills and Drivers – YouTube.

Exterior Siding is Going Up – Tiny Home Builders

Dan is making great progress on this tiny house and recording the entire building process in how-to videos.

“The siding is going up and I am starting to see what it’s going to look like. I hope to have all of the exterior siding done as well as the roof by the end of the week, but I’m thinking that might be just a bit much, especially since we have rain predicted. I have a tendency to set lofty goals which often leads to disappointment, but when I aim low it’s easy not to overshoot.”

via Exterior siding is going up | Tiny Home Builders.