Learn to Build a Tiny House with Nelson Tiny Houses

This summer the folks at Nelson Tiny Houses will be filming a how-to series that will show owner builders how to build their own tiny homes.

Soon they’ll launch a KickStarter for those who want early access to the how-to video series – and for those who just love their work.

Speaking of their work, take a look below and head over to the Nelson Tiny Houses website. Once there you can learn more about the upcoming KickStarter campaign.

2 thoughts on “Learn to Build a Tiny House with Nelson Tiny Houses”

  1. Robert 'Skippy' Gard

    The Gard Foundation has long been interested in raising Grant funds for certain forms of building of Tiny Homes and in sponsoring these activities with one of our other 3 companies. Find Land, Develop the Land, financed the Tiny Home purchase, etc… Our focus has been on the 5 stage process we wrote for the Veterans Administration titled “from homeless to Home Ownership”. But what we realized when we put that into action in Gaylord, MI was that it applies even more so to the civilian world, maybe even more. Lets talk and plan a support structure to your plan.

    R “Skippy” Gard, Owner/Founder
    The Village Holding Company / Veterans Village – Five Lakes in Gaylord, MI / Grace Village -Five Lakes in Gaylord MI.

  2. I see you don’t use glue or insulate in your video demonstrations​.

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