Challenges & Benefits of Tiny House Living – Couple Shares Experience

“Nicky and Judy decided that a tiny house on wheels would be the ideal solution for the next stage in their lives: retirement. The low cost of living a minimalist lifestyle in 175 square feet allows Nicky to work less (Judy is already retired), and it allows them to enjoy living in their dream home, but with the option of moving to a new location if they so desire.” – Exploring Alternatives

Screenshots from video via Exploring Alternatives.

8 thoughts on “Challenges & Benefits of Tiny House Living – Couple Shares Experience”

  1. Hi,
    I just bought land in Oregon and would like to build a tiny home. I have a blue heeler and love your ideas for the home. I would like to visit and find out if you built it yourself to get plans for it. Juan

  2. Absolutely beautiful, wondful tiny home! Thanks for the ins and outs of tiny house living. Very valuable thoughts and information.

  3. Richard H Chapple Sr

    I really enjoyed this video. It makes such good sense, and is an important and timely one today for people to consider regardless of their current situation. We generally bury ourselves in so much baggage that we find ourselves imprisoned in it. These Ladies are free from baggage bondage and can enjoy living, fulfilling their dreams, aspirations, missions, etc.
    These two gals can do a lot to encourage others to move forward as they have down. Plus they have a beautiful fully functional home to show as an example of fine free living.
    My fascination of tiny home living goes back to the early 50’s and the early trailer homes. Tiny house living is not a new thing but it’s presentation is renewed and exciting today
    Thank you so much for the effort to present this story.
    Dick Chapple Sr

  4. Hi again,

    Is it possible to find out who your builder is and maybe purchase your design?


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