The Abundance by Brevard Tiny House

The Abundance is a custom built 12’x24′ tiny home built on a purpose-built heavy-duty trailer. It has an open floor plan, large windows, and a kitchen with IKEA cabinets, a full-size refrigerator, and a foot pedal operated faucet. The large living space features a slide-out queen-size bed and built-in couch with storage. To learn more visit Brevard Tiny House.

10 thoughts on “The Abundance by Brevard Tiny House”

  1. *The customer of the Abundance tiny home was inspired by the Minim home. However, Brevard Tiny House Company created an original framing plan, and a floor plan specific to the customer. No Minim plans were necessary or utilized in the construction of this tiny home.*

  2. This is my dreamtiny house, But that’s it a dream. Can’t afford one.

  3. Tina Gallagher

    Cool looking. I’m inspired to build one on a trailer frame that would allow a 8′ wide by 24′ home with similar features, but with far less expensive products.

    1. love the open design. i didnt see a thing id change. love the no loft sleeping area. perfect for older folks. no wasted hall spaces.

    2. Susan,
      I think older folks may have a problem with the extra large step up into the rear room and having to walk on the bed when it is out and they want access to this room.

  4. Love this! Sleeping on the ground level is essential for me. No ladders for me so this is perfect.

  5. Larry St Croix

    In a space that small I would imagine if the bed is out you would be sleeping on it. I agree the step is very high but how difficult would it be to build a step into the bottom of the bed? Personally prefer to have the bed completely concealed when not in use.

  6. Shear rip off of major design elements of the Minim… You must have made several people sad.

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