The Box by Ralph Erskine

“The Box” is a tiny house in the woods hand-built by architect Ralph Erskine. He would later go on to design influential buildings in Sweden, England and Canada. In 1941 though, he was a young unknown English architect who had traveled to Sweden to work with architects he admired.

The finished house had roughly 20 m2(215 ft2) of space divided into two rooms by a large masonry fireplace. On one side was the kitchen with a wood burning stove, and on the other was a living room that also functioned as the bedroom and as Erskine’s architectural office.”

Read the whole story at Small House Bliss…

3 thoughts on “The Box by Ralph Erskine”

  1. Doesn’t get better than this. Tx for sharing this reminder of Erskine’s work. Enjoyable research ahead 🙂

  2. O to be able to afford some of these…just multiples you understand…I like them all.

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